Fall is the perfect time of year to make a piece of outerwear part of your outfit! I like to style my outfits around moto jackets because I enjoy having them become part of my outfit. I received this red and black plaid moto jacket for Christmas a few years ago. Hot Topic and Macy’s are just a few of the stores that currently have jackets similar to this one.

This moto jacket had two functions for this look. First, it was to keep me warm because it was a cooler fall day. Second, it was meant to be worn all day because it wasn’t just outerwear, it was part of my outfit. This moto jacket can be styled two ways. The first way is by keeping the jacket open so you can see your shirt and jewelry underneath it.


When I wore this outfit I wore my moto jacket open. I liked being able to see my necklace and white shirt underneath my jacket. I also just enjoyed how the jacket looked when it was open. I have also worn this moto jacket zipped up which is another way you can style it.


When this moto jacket is zipped up you can still see the white shirt and you can see the belt at the bottom of the jacket. The belt at the bottom of this jacket adds a really cute and different accessory that not all jackets have. If you wear this jacket zipped up you can also wear a shorter necklace that can be seen in between the collars.

This look is not only great for everyday wear but it’s also great for when you are going to be shopping at the mall or running errands. When I go to the mall this time of year I don’t like to wear a big bulky jacket. I like to be able to move around freely and not get too hot while shopping. The downsides to not wearing a jacket in the mall is you might get cold and the walk from your car to the mall is cold. A great solution to these problems is a moto jacket that will keep you warm and stylish! I was very comfortable when walking around the mall and I was warm when walking from my car to the mall. Definitely try incorporating a moto jacket into your look, especially on Christmas shopping days!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Moto Jacket- Forever 21

Long Sleeve Shirt- Forever 21

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline πŸ™‚


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