During the fall and winter I like to wear comfy, thick sweaters that will keep me warm. I enjoy adding accessories to plain sweaters to make them more interesting but I also enjoy finding sweaters with an interesting print on them. This acid wash sweater caught my eye at Delia’s a few years ago and I had to purchase it. It is very comfortable, warm, and unlike any other sweater I own.


When I style this sweater I usually pair it with black or grey jeans. Since the pattern on this sweater is very interesting, I like to keep my jeans simple and neutral. I did however decided to wear a bold jacket with this look that tied my boots in with the rest of the outfit.


This bright red studded jacket is one of my favorite articles of outerwear to wear in the fall. I got this jacket for Christmas years ago and I was very excited about it! I love how bright and red this jacket is and I definitely do not have another jacket like it. I also love the surplus amount of studs that cover the front and back of the collar.

Even though this is one of my favorite jackets it can be very hard to style because of how bold it is. For this look though I liked how this red jacket paired against the different shades of blue in my sweater. I also liked how the jacket and sweater paired very well with my Union Jack boots!


You might find that you have some bold jackets and/or sweaters in your closet. Sometimes two bold pieces of clothing can pair well together! Try pairing a patterned sweater against a plain, bold colored jacket and see what happens! Definitely keep an eye out for bold sweaters and jackets while you are shopping this winter. I love wearing bold clothes and if I can find a bold sweater that will also keep me warm, that is even better!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Jacket- Forever 21

Sweater- Delia’s

Jeans- Delia’s

Boots- London Rebel

-Caroline 🙂


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