Blazing Through Fall


Fall is a great time of year to start wearing some fun blazers! One of my favorite brands, Material Girl, has a great selection of blazers! I have a few blazers from them that I have collected over the years. Blazers from Material Girl can also be dressed up or down which makes them a lot of fun to style! My most recent purchase from Material Girl included this sleeveless blazer! I guess this could also be considered a vest, but the way it is cut and how the fabric lays makes me think it is more of a blazer without sleeves. I purchased it near the end of the summer so it might still be available online or in Macy’s.

I really like the black accents that can be found on this white, sleeveless blazer. The collar going down the front of the blazer is black and the sides of the blazer are black as well. The collar and the sides also have a different texture to them.


I really like the cut of this blazer as well. I love how it is cut shorter in the front yet the whole blazer is still long. This blazer will be easy to style with man outfits since it is black and white. I decided to keep the rest of my outfit black except for my jeans and sunglasses.


I purchased these jeans last month from Delia’s and when they came they ended up being jeans from Celebrity Pink Jeans! I have a few pairs of jeans and shorts from Celebrity Pink Jeans and I love them! They are very comfortable and come in many different sizes, colors, and patterns.


I really liked they way this teal/mint color popped against all the black and white I was wearing. The purple sunglasses also complimented the jeans very nicely. I will definitely be wearing this sleeveless blazer and new jeans a lot. I will also experiment with different ways of styling them.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Black Long Sleeve Shirt- Forever 21

Sleeveless Blazer- Material Girl

Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Boots- Mossimo Supply Co.

-Caroline 🙂

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