Sunday Stripes and Skulls


I love, love, love crazy and bold pants! All of the pants I own have a pattern all over them or are a bold color. I only have a few pairs of regular denim jeans that I rarely wear. These black and white striped ankle pants from Forever 21 are one of my favorite pairs of patterned pants!


Since they are black and white you can style a lot of tops with them, however I like to try and keep the pants the focus of the outfit. For this look I decided on a light purple t-shirt under and black cardigan. I wanted to keep black and white going throughout the whole outfit with just a little pop of color in the t-shirt.

IMG_2229Not only do these pants have an awesome pattern on them, they also have a really cool zipper detail at the bottom of them. I love small details like this on pants. These little details give pants something extra to them that makes them even more fun!

IMG_2250Don’t be afraid of styling a pair of bold pants! You could even start with a more subtle pattern and work your way up to a pattern you have always wanted to wear but have been too afraid to. Just remember to style the rest of your outfit around your pants and you’ll be good to go!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Purple T-Shirt- Forever 21

Cardigan- Delia’s

Pants- Forever 21

Shoes- Kensie Girl

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

Bracelet- Steve Madden

-Caroline 🙂

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