That time of year to start breaking out your flannels has arrived! Flannels just scream fall and they are very versatile for this time of year. I decided to style this red flannel from Delia’s a few different ways to show all the possibilities there are when it comes to wearing flannels!

The first two ways you could wear a flannel are, buttoned up by itself with a pair of jeans, or over a tank top as seen in this look.


Throughout the season I like to wear my flannels both ways, buttoned up or over a tank top or other shirt. I would recommend keeping the shirt you wear underneath your flannel simple since flannels themselves are crazy patterns and colors. This look is also a very transitional look for those fall days that are still pretty warm. Instead of wearing leggings under a skirt, I switched it up and opted for some denim shorts. Denim shorts like these don’t have to get packed away just because summer is over! These shorts are perfect over a pair of solid color leggings on a warm fall day! Another great thing about wearing a shirt under your flannel is you can tie the flannel around your waist if you get warm.


Wearing a flannel tied around your waist is another stylish way to wear them. It is also a great way to show off the shirt you are wearing underneath your flannel. Having your flannel around your waist is also very convenient for when you get cold.


For this look I decided to keep my layers underneath simple with a black tank top and black leggings. I tied the blue from the splatter on my shoes together with the blue peace sign on my shorts. I also really liked how the blue looked against the rich red flannel. I kept my accessories simple with a pair of black and white Ray-Bans and a black fedora. This look also looks good with and without a fedora.

IMG_2117There are many different ways to style flannel shirts. If you seem to be stuck wearing your flannels the same way every time try switching it up and wearing them with a shirt underneath or tied around your waist! Fall is here so it’s time to have fun with all your flannels!

IMG_2121Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Tank Top- Gypsy Warrior

Flannel- Delia’s

Fedora- T.J. Maxx

Shorts- D.I.Y. Levi

Leggings- Pink Rose

Shoes- Converse

-Caroline 🙂


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