Baseball tees are not only a personal favorite piece of clothing for myself to wear, but they are also a great option for guys this time of year as well! I think baseball tees look great on everyone, men included. This mens baseball tee is from express and they currently still have mens baseball tees on their website and in stores. Since this shirt is very bright, pairing it with a dark pair of jeans balances out the outfit very well.


These jeans are also from Express and are a great wash to wear during the fall and winter. The darker wash is great for the colder months and they match a lot of different colored shirts and sweaters. These jeans can also be dress up or down, which is perfect for all the upcoming holidays!


Not only are baseball tees great by themselves, they are also great for layering in this unpredictable weather! Pairing a baseball tee under a varsity jacket is perfect for fall!


I love the look and the different colors of this mens varsity jacket from Forever 21. This varsity jacket is still available on Forever 21’s website and comes in a few different colors. Forever 21 has a great selection of varsity jackets for men and women! I also love how this varsity jacket gives the illusion of having a hoodie underneath it, which makes it different from your ordinary varsity jacket.


Baseball Tee- Express

Varsity Jacket- Forever 21

Jeans- Express

Shoes- Vans

-Caroline πŸ™‚


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