You Look So Seattle But You Feel So LA


Baseball Tees and capris are another favorite clothing choice of mine for this time of year. I love baseball t-shirts and they’re perfect for the changes in weather throughout the fall. You can also throw a cool jacket over top of them at night or during the day if you get chilly.

I had a lot of fun playing with my favorite colors blue and purple for this look. Since I don’t wear normal denim jeans often, I wanted to make the rest of my outfit pop! I love pairing an awesome pair of shoes with a crazy patten on them against a plain pair of jeans. This combination balances out perfectly.


Under my baseball tee I decided to wear a purple tank top that matched the shade of purple in my shoes to bring the whole look together. Styling baseball tees and plain jeans doesn’t have to be boring at all! I styled them together and I kept it interesting by adding pops of color and patterned shoes to the look. The next time you want to try and spice up a basic outfit try adding some fun shoes, accessories or pops of color underneath your top!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Tank Top- Forever 21

Baseball Tee- Workshop

Capris- Delia’s

Shoes- Toms

-Caroline šŸ™‚

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