Sweater Season


‘Tis the season to start wearing all the sweaters that you have had stored away since last winter. Retail stores are currently full of sweaters for you to stock up on. Many retail stores currently have a variety of sweaters available for men as well as women. Target, Macy’s and Express are just a few of the many stores that have really great sweater collections.

You also might find yourself having sweaters from last season with tags still on them because by the time they were on sale it was too hot to wear them! This blue and black striped sweater from Express is from last winter that was purchased over the summer due to the awesome sale price!

IMG_2896The plus side of buying clothes at the end of a season is the great price you will get on them and you will have some new clothes for next year! There are also downsides such as, sizing and not being able to wear them due to the weather, but if you are lucky enough to find a good deal in your size definitely take the opportunity!


Sweater- Express

Jeans- Mossimo Supply

This Express sweater can be dressed up or down. It will also pair great with many other colors and washes of jeans such as black or grey. It is a pretty heavy sweater so it will keep you warm without a jacket but adding a jacket for extra warmth in the colder months is definitely a good idea!

-Caroline 🙂

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