Brighten Your Day


Bright tank tops and shirts are a lot of fun to wear during the summer! However, sometimes such bright and bold colors can be difficult to style. Since these colors can sometimes be difficult, some people might decide not to buy bright colors at all, which should not be the case! Everyone should try wearing bright colored tops and have fun wearing them!

The first trick to styling such a bright colored top, such as this one I am wearing from Hot Topic, is to style your whole outfit around the top. Then you want to look for some neutral colors you can pair your top with. Black and white are two good colors that go well with this top. Instead of plain black shorts though, I decided to wear these black ones with polka dots on them. These shorts add a subtle, yet not distracting pop to the outfit.


In keeping with the black and white theme against this neon greenish-yellow top, I wore black sandals from Roxy and black and white Ray-Bans. I also kept my jewelry simple with a silver studded bracelet. Keeping the rest of your outfit simple against a bright colored top makes these tops easier to style. There are other possibilities that would work with this tank top such as, white or grey shorts. Don’t shy away from bright colors just because they are very bright and bold. I love wearing many colors, whether they are bright and bold or dark and subtle. I have never been one to shy away from wearing a bright color and knowing how to style a bright color makes putting together an outfit a lot easier!


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Skull Tank Top- Hot Topic

White Tank Top- Forever 21

Shorts- Free Thle

Sandals- Roxy

Bracelet- Steve Madden

-Caroline 🙂

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