Hitting All The Right Notes

I am a big fan of statement jewelry and have a pretty good collection of it. Statement jewelry can spice up a simple outfit or you can center a whole look around a piece of statement jewelry. Betsey Johnson is one of my favorite designers of statement jewelry, having necklaces ranging from skulls to cupcakes. I am very careful when it comes to styling the pieces of statement jewelry that I own. I don’t like to pair a bold necklace with a crazy patterned top for example. I like to pair statement necklaces with plain, simple tops, such as this one from Brandy Melville.


This ghost t-shirt is one of my new favorite shirts to wear. Even though this shirt has a cute little ghost on it I like to pair this shirt with a statement necklace to give it some extra pop! This eighth note necklace is a favorite of mine but you definitely have to style it with a plain, simple top.

I purchased this eighth note necklace many years ago at a show local bands were performing at. When my friend and I walked into the venue there were a few girls selling jewelry that they made at a table. Right away had to see what kind of jewelry they were selling and this necklace immediately caught my eye! I’m not sure if the girls had a name for their business or if they still make jewelry but it would be cool to show them that many years later I still love this necklace! I’m pretty sure the eighth notes are made out of wood, similar to the wooden letters and objects you can buy and paint from A.C.Moore. I like how the designer added little gems to the beam of the eighth notes to give them a little bit of pop. I also think the length of this necklace is perfect as well.

The eighth note necklace is one of the many statement necklaces that I love to wear and enjoy styling. Statement pieces are great to spice up any outfit just make sure they don’t get lost in a crazy patterned top!

-Caroline 🙂

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