New Day, New Way to Style


I talked about these D.I.Y. paint splatter shorts I made in this “Always Summer” post that you can check out here:

However, another way I like style these shorts is with a cropped or shorter top to show off all the work I put into these shorts. For this look I decided to pair my paint splattered shorts with a cropped Bruce Springsteen tank top from Forever 21. I bought this tank top a few summers ago. It is one of my favorites since I am a huge Bruce fan and from Jersey. This tank top is a tribute to the “Born in the USA” era.


I am also wearing a reddish/brick color tank top underneath the “Born in the USA” tank top. This color matches one of the paint colors in the shorts. The tan color of the “Born in the USA” tank top is also a good neutral color against all the crazy colors on the shorts. Cropped tank tops like this Bruce one are perfect for crazy shorts that need to be shown off instead of hidden under longer tanks and t-shirts.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Bruce Springsteen Tank Top- Forever 21

Shorts- Glo (D.I.Y. as well)

Flip Flops- Roxy

-Caroline 🙂

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