Always Summer


One of my favorite D.I.Y. projects ever was cutting and designing my jeans into shorts. A few summers ago I cut up a few pairs of jeans and now I wear them as shorts all the time in the summer. The shorts featured in this look is a pair that I cut up and designed. The pair of old, flared jeans that I cut were originally from Kohl’s. I didn’t like the style of them anymore after awhile but I kept them because I thought it would be cool to make shorts out of them. My grandmother used to sew all the time so I asked her to help me with the measurements and the proper way to cut them.

For this pair of shorts I decided to paint splatter them! I bought a pack of fabric paint from the craft store and went to town! I’m really happy with the way these shorts turned out!


Since there are a lot of crazy paint colors splattered on these shorts, styling them can be a little tricky. One of my favorite ways to style them is with a basic colored t-shirt from Forever 21. This shirt is the same color as one of the paint colors on the shorts and it blends well with all the other colors. Wearing a basic colored t-shirt keeps the focus of the outfit on the shorts. I also like to add some fun, yet not too crazy accessories such as the peace sign necklace I’m wearing.



Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Forever 21

Shorts- D.I.Y.

Flip Flops- Converse

-Caroline 🙂

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