Tank tops with an awesome design on the back of them are one of my favorite things to wear during the summer! This black tank top from Material Girl seems like a standard black tank top from the front. When you see the back of the tank top though there is an awesome skull design laced together. I purchased this tank top from Macy’s a few summer ago and it is still one of my favorites. I definitely haven’t seen another one like it before.

Tank tops like this one are great because they add a different dimension to an outfit. I see and own a lot of standard tank tops but I don’t see many with a design taking up the entire back of the tank top. Even though the design is black and doesn’t stand out too much, you have to be careful when styling these. You want to keep the back of the tank top the focal point of the outfit. You don’t want your accessories, shorts or jeans distracting from the really awesome design.


I wanted a pop of color against the black tank top so I decided on these bright blue shorts from Pac-Sun. I kept it simple when it came to shoes; wearing my black Roxy zipper sandals. I knew I wanted a bright pop of jewelry and this necklace I bought in Puerto Rico was the perfect match! The necklace stands out against the black tank top and matches my blue shorts.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Tank Top- Material Girl

Shorts- Bullhead

Sandals- Roxy


Adding pops of color against tank tops with an awesome back design are ok, just make sure to keep the back of the tank top the focal point of the outfit.

-Caroline 🙂


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