The Return of Delia*s!


Delia’s lovers rejoice! Delia’s is back and open for business!! They’re online store opened back up about a week ago and even though they are only online, you can still sign up to receive a catalog in the mail! Of course, once their website was back online I did some exploring and made a list of items that I want. A lot of their clothing is geared towards the fall season but they do have some tank tops and t-shirts for sale. Here is a list of items I recommend checking out for the fall!

First up, is the Sub Lace Cardigan


This cardigan comes in three colors, ivory, oatmeal and pink. All the colors are very pretty but I would probably purchase the ivory. Not only is this cardigan perfect for the fall but you could also wear it all year! I definitely have my eye on this cardigan. It will match a lot of clothing items I own and I love the lace detail that makes it different than your normal cardigan.

The next item of clothing I’ve got my eye on is the Hailey Baby Thermal.


I have a top from Delia’s that is very similar to this one and I love it. It’s super comfortable and they are great to pair with patterned jeans. Since they are solid colors I also like to accessorize these tops with scarves and statement necklaces. This Hailey Baby Thermal comes in eight different colors and is currently available for pre-order.

I am a sucker for stipes, so this Stripe Sweater With Mesh Inset is definitely on my wish-list!


This sweater reminds me of a striped, mesh one I have and love from express. This stripe sweater looks super comfortable and I love the mesh and stripe combination. The Stripe Sweater With Mesh Inset is definitely a great piece of clothing to have for the fall and winter! According to the website the stripes are navy. With this navy and white combination there are a lot of jeans and colored jeans that will match this sweater well.

Baseball Tees are one of my favorite type of t-shirt, which caused this Need More Weekend Tee to catch my eye.


Not only is it a baseball t-shirt but it features a very true statement on it! The weekend always files by so fast and I think everyone would agree that we all need more weekend! Delia’s has a lot of other graphic tees on their website as well, some licensed and some originals.

With the fall and winters months sadly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about jeans. I love all my colored jeans that I have purchased from Delia’s in the past and I’m glad to see they are still selling them.


These are just listed as “Colored Jegging” but the ones I have purchased before were called “Olivia”. I’m hoping they are very similar because I love how the colored Olivia jeans fit, feel and look! These colored jeggings come in six different colors. I already have half of these colors but I wouldn’t mind expanding my collection to add in the other three colors. From the different pictures I have seen of these pants on their website, it looks like all the pockets are useable, which is awesome! I’m not a fan of the jeggings that have fake pockets. These are also currently buy one get one 50% off!

Not only is Converse one of my favorite shoe brands, they also make really good clothes as well! This Converse Jogger is available on Delia’s website and I definitely want to purchase a pair!


I probably wouldn’t wear these joggers as a daily outfit because I’m not to found of wearing the joggers that look like sweatpants out of the house. They do however look super comfortable and I would definitely were then on a lazy day around the house. These joggers are available in the colors gray heather and black.

Speaking of lazy days, around the house clothes, Delia’s also has these Fleece Pants available for pre-order!


These pants look very comfortable as well and seem perfect for those chilly fall weekends spent hang out at your house. They are also available in four different prints; camo, floral, gray multi and multi. My favorite is the regular Multi print which has a tribal vibe to it.

“You’re Killin Me Smalls!” Who doesn’t love the movie “The Sandlot”?! Delia’s certainly does as seen in this graphic tee!


This is one of my favorite quotes from “The Sandlot” so I had to put it on my wish-list. Even though it isn’t a traditional 3/4 sleeve baseball tee, it still has that baseball tee vibe, which is appropriate for a baseball movie.

Denim is everywhere and will always be everywhere, which is why everyone needs a good denim jacket. Delia’s has one available for pre-order in a medium wash.


Denim jackets are a great classic, edgy look to add to any outfit. They also match everything and you can customize them by putting pins, buttons, patches and even fabric paint on them!

I have quite the collection of Converse shoes in my closet. Collections are meant to be added to right?! I’ve been wanting to get a pair of white Converse low tops and Delia’s has exactly what I am looking for!


Delia’s has Converse high and low tops in all different colors and patterns such as blue skies, pink, navy, red and many more!

Not only does Delia’s have items by Converse available on their site, they also have Steve Madden! These Steve Madden Ecentrcq Slip-ons caught my eye.


They are really cute and come in two different colors, grey and black. I am more found of the grey but either would go great with many outfits!

This pair of Wanted perry Quilted Zip Hi Tops also caught my eye.


They are different from any pair of sneakers I own. These quilted hi tops come in three different colors, baby blue, silver and white but I like the baby blue the best.

Another Steve Madden shoe that caught my eye was these Steve Madden ‘North Pole’ Boot.


I thought these boots would be great for the fall and winter. I also don’t have any boots like this pair. I have a pair of high boots but they are softer, not leather-like material. This pair of boots also comes in three different colors, black, burgundy and green. I actually like all three colors but I would probably stick with black since I have a ton of colored jeans.

I am a sucker for accessories and clothing with zipper details on them. Once I saw this pair of flats I knew I had to put them on my list!


These are properly titled “Zipper Ballet” and I love everything about them. The plaid pattern is super cute and edgy, perfect for fall. I obviously love the zipper detail on the toe of the shoe as well. These flats also come in three different colors, black suede, chocolate and plaid. My two favorites are definitely the plaid and black suede. They are currently available for pre-order.

I’m usually not a big fan of wearing oxfords but I thought these were different and very cute!


These oxford shoes are available for pre-order and come in four different colors, black, blush, chambray and chestnut. I’m not sure how much use I would get out of these if I purchased them but I wouldn’t mind having them in my collection and styling an outfit around them once in awhile. My two favorites are definitely the chambray and blush. These two colors would also be really cute in the spring too!

I love, love, love, anything and everything Peanuts! When I saw this backpack I admittedly wanted it!


This Peanuts Backpack has all the characters all over it and all of their sayings! This backpack also looks like it holds a good amount of stuff too, which is important. Delia’s has a lot of other cute backpacks right now too, such as Mickey Mouse and Where’s Waldo!

I have been on the search for a black, floppy hat and I think I might have found the one in this Felt Floppy Hat!


This is exactly the hat I have been looking for! I wanted one in black and I like how wide the brim of the hat is. This Felt Floppy Hat also comes in a camel color.

Those are all my current favorite things I saw on Delia’s website! I’m thinking about ordering a few of them and I can’t wait to start receiving their catalog in the mail once again! Make sure to sign up to receive the catalog and join the e-mail list for updates and coupons!

What are some of your favorite items they currently have on their website?

Happy Shopping!

-Caroline 🙂

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