Here is a really simple D.I.Y. for everyone, that doesn’t even involve crafts! I guess you could say it’s more of an organization post. Months ago I saw this video about little things you can do to organize stuff around your house. One of the tips was to get clear, divided, jewelry containers to keep your jewelry organized and protected from dust! After I watched this video I went to many stores in search of these specific, clear jewelry containers. I tried JoAnn Fabrics, A.C. Moore, Michaels and Bed Bath and Beyond. I was starting to have my doubts about finding these containers until one day I was strolling through the dollar section at Target. I came across a few bins of these organizers and knew right away that they were perfect!


I’m pretty sure I bought all of the containers they had there and went to other Targets to find more. They eventually didn’t sell them anymore but I was at a few Targets this week and they have brought them back! Now you can find both types of these containers in the dollar section at Target! As you can see on the labels they advertise them for desk supplies but they are perfect for jewelry!

After I bought a bunch of them, I decided to use them to organize a lot of my Betsey Johnson jewelry and other nice pieces of jewelry. I have quite a system going with these containers but you can organize them however you prefer.

I use the container divided into the four sections for necklaces. Each of these containers also has a theme. For example, this container below has Betsey Johnson necklaces that are black and silver. It makes it so much easier for me when I’m getting ready for the day. If I know I want something black or sliver I go straight to this container. I use the container divided into three sections for necklaces and bracelets. This one below has Betsey Johnson necklaces that are gold and are an average length.


I’ve found that the three divided container fits most bracelets. Bracelets will not fit into the four part container unless they are flexible. I do however have a lot of bracelets that won’t fit in their container.


I have a lot more containers organized a certain way. For example, I have one for long, gold Betsey Johnson necklaces, one for silver necklaces and one for smaller gold Betsey Johnson necklaces. This makes accessorizing so much easier when you’re getting ready. If you know you want a long or short necklace you go to either of those containers. Of If you know you want gold or silver you go to one of those containers as well. These organizers are also great because they do protect your jewelry and you can see everything you have. I have mine stacked in a drawer, so I can easily take the top few off to look at the ones underneath. You could also keep them on top of your dresser.

I highly recommend these organizers! You can currently find them in the dollar section at Target for only a dollar! I bought a bunch of them months ago so I do have a lot of extra for when my collection expands. They fit all types of jewelry really well and they protect them. You can also stack them or keep them out on display. Before these containers I would keep these necklaces and bracelets in the little jewelry boxes they came in. I couldn’t see them and when I was in a hurry it made it difficult to find the necklace I wanted because I would have to keep opening boxes. Now I can see everything and pick out accessories a lot faster!

Happy Shopping and Organizing!

-Caroline πŸ™‚


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