Short Season

Even though it’s finally short season, that doesn’t mean all shorts are appropriate for every occasion. Since I am a guitar teacher, not all of my cut offs and short patterned shorts are appropriate to teach lessons. I don’t want to miss out on my favorite time of year, summer, and miss out on summer fashion, so I have found the perfect shorts for my situation!

These belted shorts from Express are the perfect combination of summer, fashionable shorts, yet appropriate for many occasions. I usually just wear them on days I am teaching lessons but I feel you can wear these for all different events. Whether it’s wearing them as every day shorts, wearing them to a nice dinner or wearing them for a night out. They come in a few different colors and you can wear them a few different ways. They are longer than usual summer everyday shorts, (at 4 1/2 inches long), which makes them an appropriate length. The way the material is cut gives them that vibe of nice dress pants as well.

In both of these looks I am wearing the 4 1/2 Inch Belted Cuffed Stretch Cotton Shorts from Express in the color Tile Blue. I have this same pair of shorts in the color Pitch Black as well. I bought both of these shorts about a month ago and they were on sale. I also have a coral pair that I bought last year and I believe they do have that color available this year as well.



All of the shorts come with a thin belt that is removable. For this look I decided to not wear the belt. I was all about electric colors in this outfit from the electric pink tank top, to the Tile Blue shorts. I love the contrast in colors the pink brought to the blue shorts. I love bright colors so this was a very fun outfit for me to wear.

Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Tank Top- Material Girl

Shorts- Express

Sandals- Wild Diva Lounge

Necklace- Betsey Johnson

Bracelet- Steve Madden



In this next look I am wearing the same exact shorts, except I decided to wear the belt that came with them. I also decided to tuck my tank top into the shorts so you can see the belt and to give the outfit a more put together look.




This Tile Blue pair of shorts and the black pair that I also bought both came with a silver belt. The coral pair I bought last year came with a white belt. I believe the white shorts Express has also comes with a silver belt. It is convenient that the coral pair from last year did come with a white belt because then I can mix and match the belts with the shorts. What is also great about these shorts is since the belt is not attached to the shorts you can wear whatever belt you want to! The belt loops on the shorts are thick enough for a much thicker belt as well.


Instead of playing with bright colors, I decided to play with patterns in this outfit. This is another one of my favorite tank tops from Material Girl. I love the split pattern and I love that the pocket and collar matches the stripe pattern. I think the stripe pattern and black and white colors against the blue shorts really makes the outfit pop! I also decided on my orange Ray-Bans to add a pop of a different color.

I would recommend these shorts to anyone because they are perfect for any occasion! You can dress them up or down and you can wear them with or without a belt. You can also wear them with many different colors and patterns.



I am also wearing one of my favorite necklaces with this outfit. I bought this necklace last year through a Living Social voucher for Name Jewelry Spot. They have all the states in necklace form and you can personalize them. The necklaces come in gold and silver and they come on different chain lengths. This site also sells monogram, name and initial necklaces. They also have bracelets, rings and earrings. I would definitely recommend checking them out if you are big on state pride like I am or even if you just have a favorite state you like to visit.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Tank Top- Material Girl

Shorts- Express

Sandals- Material Girl

Necklace- Name Jewelry Spot

-Caroline 🙂

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