This look is from when it was a bit chiller at the beginning of spring. It features a Betsey Johnson jacket that I got for Christmas and one of my newest Betsey Johnson purses: VA VA Studs Tote in Teal.

As you can see this tote is huge, which is good and bad; good, because it can hold a lot of stuff, bad because it gets heavy from all the stuff in it! I try not to keep too much in it though because the straps are really thin and I get worried they’re going to wear out easily. Plus, I don’t like carrying around a heavy purse.

The shape of this tote is great though and I don’t have another purse shaped like this one. I love the studs going around the perimeter of the tote as well.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Jacket- Betsey Johnson

Tote- Betsey Johnson

Pants- Material Girl

Flats- Style & Co.



-Caroline 🙂


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