Baseball tees are one of my favorite shirts. I have an ever-growing collection of baseball t-shirts in various colors. Some are band baseball shirts and some are school baseball shirts. I also have a few with patterns and just plain solid colors on them. I love how they look and they are perfect for spring and fall since they have three-quarter sleeves. Baseball tees never seem to go out of style either which is a great reason to have a collection of them πŸ˜‰ This baseball shirt was perfect for a cooler spring day a few weeks ago. I bought this shirt at California State University in Fullerton last summer.



This jean jacket is also a favorite jacket of mine. It used to be my brother’s and then it got passed on to me. I have put various pins all over it; skulls ones, nightmare before christmas ones, a ghost and some playing cards. There is currently nothing on the back of it but I have been thinking about creating something to sew onto it.


Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Jean Jacket- Gap Kids

Baseball Shirt- Cal. State Fullerton

Jeans- Celebrity Pink Jeans

Shoes- Converse

-Caroline πŸ™‚


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