Here is another look from when I was away down south! It was the perfect weather for joggers and no jackets down there! This look features two new pieces that I picked up at Delia’s before they closed 🙁 The first item is this white t-shirt that is super soft. The shirt is also longer in the back and shorter in the front and it has little slits on bottom of both sides of it. Since it is a longer shirt I decided to tuck it in for this look to give it a more put together feel, and so the print on the joggers is more visible. You can see what the shirt itself looks like in this post:


These joggers are definitely one of my favorite pairs that I own. I was very happy when I saw these at Delia’s back in the winter. I love the print on them and the shade of blue. I will definitely wear these a lot this spring!



Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

Shirt- Delia’s (R.I.P.)

Joggers- Delia’s (R.I.P.)

Shoes- Material Girl

Purse- Betsey Johnson

-Caroline 🙂


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