The Peach State

I was very lucky to experience some wonderful weather last month when I took a trip to the south. It also gave me a chance to break out some new items that I’ve been dying to wear but the weather here has prevented me from doing so. This post features a new Betsey Johnson bag I got for Christmas and a new pair of Toms I bought last summer.



Sunglasses- Ray-Bans

Tank Top- Edge

Capris- Delia’s

Shoes- Toms

Purse- Betsey Johnson


This Betsey Johnson Bright Lights Clutch is definitely one of my favorite bags. The length of the chain is perfect and you can wear it on your shoulder or cross body. It is also a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, which is a good thing! You can fit a lot of items in this clutch and it has a zipper compartment inside where you can keep items as well. The clutch itself also zippers so you don’t have to worry about items falling out and the lightning bolt flap has a magnetic snap that keeps it shut. This clutch also comes in citron and fuchsia but I’m happy I ended up with the black and white because it will match more of my clothes. I would highly recommend buying this Bright Lights Clutch because not only is it super cute and unique it is also very functional. It has so much room to fit your items yet it is still a clutch. It is perfect for vacations, day trips where you’re walking around a lot and nights on the town.


I brought these Toms shoes on this trip with me and it was actually my first time wearing them! This is also my first pair of Toms shoes aside from the sandals I bought from them last year. I love the sandals I have and when I saw these shoes in San Diego I knew I had to have them. Not only are they made up of my favorite colors, blue and purple, they are also made up of one of my favorite things, palm trees! If you have never bought or worn Toms before I also recommend these! They are very comfortable but also super lightweight! It felt like I was walking around with no shoes on because they are so lightweight! I walked around town in these a lot and my feet didn’t hurt one bit. I purchased these Toms at a store called Urban Girl in San Diego and they are called Blue Palm Trees. They also came in the same pattern but in an orange and yellow color, which was also really cute. You will definitely see these shoes in a lot more posts over the spring and summer!




-Caroline 🙂

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