End of an Era


A little over a month ago I woke up to an e-mail from Delia’s informing me that they are going out of business!!!!! 🙁 I was very shocked and sad by this news because they have been one of my favorite stores since high school and a good amount of my wardrobe is from there. I read a lot of comments from people on Delia’s Facebook page that are also really upset that they are closing. I ending up going to Delia’s the day I received the first e-mail and all tops were 40% off and dresses and jeans were 60% off. Here are the items I ended up getting on the first day and I’m not sure if the store still has these items or not.

First is this mint colored sweater. I’ve already worn it and it’s very comfy! I love the color and that it has some sparkle in it. I also love the bows going down the back of the sweater. I wore a black tank top under this since it is open in the back. This sweater also has 3/4 sleeves.



The next sweater I bought is this white one. It’s very comfortable and it’s longer than most of my sweaters, which I like. I wore this one already as well and I wore a tank top under because it is a little see-through. The sweater did shed a bit onto the tank top so watch out for that.


Next, I bought this sweater like cardigan. I love the color and I don’t have much of this coral color in my closet. I would recommend going up a size when buying this because I felt very constricted when trying it on with a long sleeve shirt underneath. A tank top would also work under this but you will be warmer in the winter with a long sleeve shirt underneath. IMG_4850

I purchased this alien tank top because I thought it was very different. I haven’t worn it yet but it was comfortable when I tried it on. The back of this tank top is just white and I’m definitely going to wear it a lot in the summer.


I love, love, love The Peanuts and Snoopy so I had to buy this when I saw it! It is navy even thought it might look black in the picture and it is very comfy! I have worn it already and it kept me comfortable and warm all day.


I also bought two skirts while I was there and I believe these were 60% off. I don’t have many causal, every day skirts so when I saw that these were marked down I thought it was a good chance to get them. I have not worn them yet but I’m glad I got two neutral colors because I have a lot of colored and patterned leggings. I feel like I can wear these all year but I’ve been too cold to wear leggings. They are definitely good for every season though, whether I pair them with sandals and a tank top or boots, leggings and a long sleeve shirt.



I was also very excited about this next find because it was one of two pairs left in the store and it was also 60% off! I love joggers and I also really like this pattern. I have not worn them yet but they were very comfortable when I tried them on. The pattern is white and royal blue even though they look black in the picture.


The last item I bought on my first trip to Delia’s store closing sale is this dress. I don’t have a dress like this which is one of the reasons I bought it. I am definitely going to wear this in the spring, summer and maybe even fall with a long sleeve shirt underneath. It is very comfy and has button snaps going down the front of the dress.


After Christmas I went back to Delia’s because they marked everything down to 50%-70% off and they are currently still on that sale. I’m trying to wait until the sale changes again before going back and buying more. The first item I purchase was this cute, cropped, daisy sweater. I have worn this already with light blue jeans and a grey tank top underneath. I love the daisy pattern and that it is comfortable. They also had this sweater in reverse colors with a white sweater and I think the flowers were either black and yellow or pink and yellow. The daisies also go around to the back of the sweater.IMG_4858

Next, I got this white shirt for very cheap. It is very sheer so I will wear a tank top underneath it but it is also very lightweight. I don’t have just a plain white t-shirt so I thought this was a good buy. It is also a little longer in the back and I like the cut on the sides. It will be good with colored jeans in the spring, summer and fall or underneath some cardigans. IMG_4859


The next three items I bought are three black cardigans but they are all different. The first one is your standard button down cardigan with two pockets on the outside and it is so comfy! I wore this with a grey long sleeve shirt underneath and bright blue jeans. I actually didn’t already have just a plain black cardigan and I feel this one you can wear unbuttoned or buttoned with a shirt. I got a size bigger than I would normally wear mainly because they didn’t have my size but I’m glad because it fit better with a long sleeve t-shirt.


The next black cardigan I got kind of has a mesh look to it even though it’s hard to tell in the picture. It has a pocket on each side and it is just draped open with no buttons. This is another year-round piece. IMG_4862

The last black cardigan I got is cropped and has 3/4 sleeves. There are no pockets but I thought it would be good as a cover up with a dresser outfit or just as something to keep me warm on a summer night.


And finally the last article of clothing I have bought so far from their final sale is this sheer button down, collared, polka dot top. I really like button down shirts like this because you can dress them up or down and they can be worn all year. I will definitely wear a tank top or long/short sleeve shirt under this because it is very sheer. It is a little longer in the back than the front, which I like and I also love the polka dot pattern. I also feel like it will match a lot of colored jeans I have.


Obviously I’m going to miss this store a ton!! I’m definitely going to miss their jeans because most of my solid colored jeans are from there and their bathing suits. I have a few bathing suits from them that I like the fit of and I’ve never seen the pattern anywhere else. I will probably go back again before they close for good but their website is closing this week 🙁 Hopefully they will mark down items even more and hopefully there are still some clothes left to check out. Delia’s definitely had a good run since the 90s and a lot of teens and young adults loved this store. I’m also going to miss receiving their catalog in the mail! They are the only store I still received a catalog from and I loved flipping through the pages over and over again. They had a lot of unique clothes that not many other clothing store had and it’s a shame to see them go 🙁


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